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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Darts
The object of the Halloween game is for each team to achieve the highest amount of points after a total of eight turns.

The materials you will need to play Halloween Darts are one or more printed Jack O' Lantern targets, a two foot by two foot or larger sheet of cork board, four thumb tacks, three throwing darts, two eyelets, two 1-1/2" long screws, a tape measure or yard stick and some colored tape.

Since darts are very sharp and can be rather hard on the walls and furniture, we prefer to play this game outdoors, usually on our back porch or in the yard.

Begin by screwing the two eyelets into the two top corners of the cork board and then the screws into the wall so that the eyelets in the cork board will hang on the wall via the screws at a height so that the nose of the Jack O' Lantern on the target is five feet-eight inches above the floor or ground. If you don't want to put holes in your wall, you can temporarily lean a sheet of plywood up against the wall to hang the cork board on.

Attach the paper target to the center of the cork board with a thumb tack in each corner. Measure eighteen feet out from the wall that the target is on and stick a two foot long piece of colored tape on the floor to show the distance players must throw from.

Halloween Game Rules - Each player takes a turn throwing three darts at the target from a distance of eighteen feet away from the target. The score keeper adds their total points to the score card for that turn, removes the darts from the target and gives them to the next player up. Any dart that bounces off or misses the Jack O' Lantern on the target does not score any points and cannot be re-thrown.

Scoring - Print out one or more of our downloadable score cards and write the name of each player from each team in the "PLAYER" box. The first player on team #1 then takes a turn throwing the three darts at the target. Any scoring hits are added up and written in the first (1) turn box. Next, the first player on team #2 takes a turn and so on, with team players alternating back and forth.  The Mouth is worth 5 points, the Eyes are worth 10 points, the Stem is worth 15 points and the Nose is worth 25 points. The team that has the most points after eight turns wins the game.

Caution - Darts can be dangerous! All players should be read and understand these safety rules.
Never point or throw a dart at anyone. Never throw darts at anything other than the dartboard. All players and observers should stand well behind the active player, never to the side or in front of the thrower. No one should stand near or walk in front of the dartboard when a player is throwing. Thrown darts will occasionally bounce off the dartboard. Make sure the dartboard is attached securely to the wall, darts rebound more easily off the board if it is not secure.

Darts are not toys and can cause serious injury! Keep darts somewhere that is out of reach of children. Young children should not be allowed to play with darts at all. Older children should only play darts with strict adult supervision. Players should never play darts under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Click here for our printable Halloween target and score card (PDF Format).


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