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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas




Halloween Costumes - Retailnet Group

One of the things that makes Halloween such a great holiday is that you can dress up as any fantasy you want and have your persona excepted. But realistic makeup and costumes require special materials, knowledge and talent to create, and are both an art and a science.

Over the past decade or so, Halloween has seen a resurgence in popularity with adults and their Halloween festivities. In fact, we're taking over Halloween like never before, and the trend isn't just spooky, but sexy as well. Adult Halloween-goers can be seen in Halloween costumes at parties, costume contests, masquerade balls, themed nightclubs, and yes, even Trick or Treating. Popular classics like transforming yourself into a Sexy Witch and casting a spell over all who see you, maybe being a Vampire Seductress for the night, or taking on the sultry persona of the Queen of Halloween herself, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! Be sure to visit the Costume Kingdom for a great selection of Halloween Costumes!

Halloween gives people who are normally restrained a chance to let loose a little, to get spooky, wild, wicked, or even naughty without judgment. This is the one day a year where almost anything goes so exercise your chance to live out a fantasy, to be as sexy, spooky or silly as you want to be. And when you go out this Halloween, see how many adults there are who have created their personal version of something that makes them just a little more enticing than they normally would feel comfortable with, all by donning Halloween costumes. This years best selling costumes are anything Zombie related.

Halloween Costume Articles
Halloween Costume Buying Guide
Some suggestions to make your Halloween costume buying the best experience.
Halloween Costumes for Couples
Couples costumes are in! Our suggestions for Halloween costumes for couples.
Halloween Wigs and Hair Color
Tips and information for changing your hair color and style for Halloween
Halloween Costume Care
Guide to cleaning and caring for your Halloween costume.
Halloween Costume Contests
Tips and suggestions when entering a Halloween costume contest.
Quick Costume Ideas for Gals
Last minute ladies costume ideas for easy Halloween costumes.
Quick Costume Ideas for Guys
Last minute men's costume ideas for easy Halloween costumes.
Baby & Toddler Costumes
You'll find all kinds of costumes for babies and toddlers for Halloween!
Spooky Pet Costumes
When is comes to Halloween and your pets, why leave them out of the fun.
Classic Halloween Costumes
How to become a Vampire UPDATED
Everything you always wanted to know about becoming a Vampire for Halloween!
Witch Costumes
Have a look at these enchanting spell-casters for a Halloween night to remember.
Skeleton Costume
The Totally Skele-Bones costume may be the perfect Skeleton costume.
The Addams Family
A complete guide to creating the perfect Halloween family.
Ghost Costumes
Check out our picks for the best Ghost costumes for a spooky treat.
Elvira - Mistress of the Dark
Who wouldn't want to be the Queen of Halloween?
Zombie Costumes
Just about everything you need to know to transform yourself into a zombie.
Grim Reaper Costume
Really put a scare into people dressing as the Lord of Death himself.
Gorilla Costume
Sometimes you just need to go a little ape!
Werewolf Costume
Let the sheer animal out wearing a Werewolf costume this Halloween.
Mummy Costume
You can really get wrapped up in this great Mummy costumes.
Killer Clown Costumes
Clowns - They're creepy, kooky and spooky!
Bloody Mary Costume
We dare you to look in a mirror and say her name three times...
Halloween Makeup Articles
Halloween Nail Art - Dressing Your Nails For Halloween
Check out these award winning Halloween Nail Design secrets and new tips on Shatter™ polish
Flashy Halloween Jewelry
Halloween jewelry that's fun and functional since most of it lights up!
Creepy Contact Lenses
Make The Most Of Your Costume With
Special Effect Contact Lenses
Got Blood?
You don't have to break into the blood bank ever again, make your own blood!
Unearthly Scents
Check out our great find, Goth Rosary, for original fragrance sprays and more!
SFX Makeup How-To Books
Need some inspiration? Check out these make-up manuals by the masters.
From Movies & Television
Harry Potter Costumes
2012 will be a big year for Harry Potter as the last movies in the series is released this summer.
Terminator Makeup
How to use face painting makeup to create a Terminator cyborg look.
Terminator Costume
Tips for creating a full-fledged Terminator Halloween costume.
Pirate Costumes
Become Captain Jack this Halloween and let loose the pirate mayhem!
Edgar & Ellen Costumes
Why not become those devious and mischievous twins this Halloween.
Trick r' Treat
Costume suggestions for characters from the movie "Trick r' Treat".
The Wizard Of Oz Costumes
A timeless classic with a full line of costumes for everyone in the family.
Alice In Wonderland Costumes
Cool costumes from the Tim Burton film Alice In Wonderland.
Super Hero Costumes
Our picks for both men's and women's Super Hero costumes for Halloween.
Star Wars Costumes
From the original movies to the prequels and sequels, fight the dark side.
Herbert West - Reanimator Costume
The ultimate mad scientist costume?
Michael Myers Costume
The infamous killer from the "Halloween" movies.
Jason Voorhees Costume
Jason Voorhees, famed madman from the "Friday the 13th" movies.
Freddy Krueger Costume
"Nightmare on Elm Street" Halloween costume ideas.
Ghostface Costume
Costumed serial killer from the "Scream" movies.
Leatherface Costume
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume - Don't forget your chainsaw!
Doctor Detroit Halloween Costume
Everything you need to know to become this ultra cool dude!
Swamp Thing Costume
Create a very creepy swamp creature costume from a Ghillie suit.
Hannibal Lecter Costume
Transform yourself into the psycho killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter for this Halloween.
Beetlejuice Costume
Beetlejuice - Check out this great mask, makeup kit and costume.
Jack Skellington & Sally Costumes
Jack Skellington and Sally costumes! Make your own Nightmare come true!
X-Files Costumes
Halloween costume tips and ideas for becoming Agents Mulder and Scully.
South Park Costumes and Masks
The perfect group of friends - Trick or Treat this year as the
South Park boys.
The Incredibles
Costumes to become the Incredibles SuperHero family
Famous People
Astronaut Costume
Ready to ride the rocket as an astronaut this year?
Michael Jackson Costume
Tips for becoming the "King of Pop" for Halloween.
Elvis Costumes
Be "The King" with our picks for some the best Elvis costumes.
Halloween Masks
Halloween Masks
Our best tips for the wearing, safety and storage of your Halloween masks.
Jack O' Lantern & Pumpkin Masks
Become a sinister Pumpkin King or Queen with one of these great masks.
Political Halloween Masks
A visual history of the most popular "political" Halloween masks.
More Costume Suggestions
Demon Costumes
Some scarier costumes for those who love to throw the fear into people!
Devil Costumes
Feel like being a little wicked? These costumes are bound to get you in the mood!
Pumpkin Patch Predators
Great Pumpkin isn't always in a good mood.
Frankenstein and his Bride Costumes
The Frankenstein monster and his Bride is a great couples costume!
The Re-Animators
Find out what's gong on in the mad doctors chamber, or be an asylum inmate!
Our Ultimate Vampire Couple
Want to go as an ultimate blood-sucker this Halloween? See how we did it!
Our Ultimate Zombie Girl Costume
Check out our very own Zombie Girl, she'll take a bite out of you!
Our Ultimate Grim Reaper Costume
This year dress as the Soul Taker, Death himself. Our Ultimate SoulTaker!
It's the luck of the Irish, and not just on Saint Patrick's day.
Santa, A Jolly Old Elf
Santa and Mrs. Clause are great to dress up as at Christmas time.


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